Trientine Hydrochloride
Trientine Hydrochloride

Trientine Hydrochloride

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Type of medicine Chelating agent
Used for Wilson’s disease
Also known as Trientine Dihydrochloride
Available as Capsules


Packing details:

Presentation: Capsules
Strength: 250 mg
Pack Size: 100 Capsules
Pack Insert: Yes
Price: $1998 (Per Pack) + transportation charges as per actuals
Marketing Authorization Holder: NA
Manufacturing License: NA


  • Trientine helps remove excess copper from your body.
  • Take the capsules 30-60 minutes before a meal.
  • Do not take indigestion remedies or any medicines containing iron or zinc at the same time as trientine.
  • Treatment for Wilson’s disease is lifelong. It is important that you continue to take your medicines even if you feel well.

Storage and handling:

Temperature: 2-8o Ct
Hazard: Yes
Cytotoxic: Yes
Note: Not to be sold in India.


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