Tracheostomy Care Tray
Tracheostomy Care Tray

Tracheostomy Care Tray

All full range of our tracheotomy care tray features the latest components for efficient and convenient performance of this important infection control task. Designed by clinicians, these Latex-free. Trays provide for the individual needs of each patient.

1 pc Three compartment tray
1 pc Trachea brush: 13 cm en length
1 pc Trachea gauze: 4″ x 4″
3 pcs Pipe cleaner: 14 cm in length
4 pcs Cotton swab applicator: 15 cm in length
4 pcs Gauze sponge: 4″ x 4″ – 16 ply
1 pc Tape to hold cannula: 1 cm x 100 cm
2 pc Vinyl gloves, power free
1 pc Waterproof underpad
1 pc Hydrogen peroxide bottle


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