Syringe with Needle

  • Presentation

Box with 100 syringes with individual needles inside. Each needle is inside an individual half plastic half paper package, with a hermetic seal that keeps the needle sterile; these individual packages are easy to open on one side.

  • Characteristics

They are hypoallergenic, non-toxic needles. Latex free.

They are sterile, non-pyrogenic and are disposable.


VMG syringes with a needle are packaged in such a way that they are ready to be used in any situation; With the exception of the 20ml syringe, these require the needle to be attached to the syringe (each syringe is individually packaged with its own needle). They are used to, for example, administer liquids, medicines or other substances, and draw blood or other liquids. of the body. These are used to place under the skin, the depth in the tissue will depend on the selected needle size.

Available in the following sizes:

Disposable Hypodermic Syringe Hypodermic Needle
Capacity Length Gauge Reference
20ml (20 cc) 1 ½” (38mm) 22G JV28
10ml (10 cc) 1 ½” (38mm) 22G JV27
5ml (5 cc) 1 ½” (38mm) 22G JV26
3ml (3 cc) 1 ½” (38mm) 22G JV25