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Importers and Distributors for Costa Rica and Central America markets


Global Expansion

We strive to reach out to the worldwidemarkets

Costa Rica
VMG Healthcare Products S.A.

Costa Rica Headquarters

Established in San José, Costa Rica in 1998, up to date, this Company is one of the largest and well-established companies, at a national and international level.

VMG Healthcare Products S.A. was created to offer affordable, high-quality pharmaceutical and healthcare products to the general public.

VMG Healthcare Products Co.Ltd.


Setup at Ningbo, it is the manufacturing base for medical devices and supplies. Established in 2004, today, it export sits products to Latin America, South East Asia, Europe and USA.

VMG Pharmaceuticals S.A.


Established in New Delhi, India, in May 2008, is the manufacturing basis for medical devices and supplies. Currently, this Company exports its products to America, Asia and Europe.

VMG Healthcare Products


Established in 2005, it provides distribution services of medical supplies and pharmaceutical products. It represents various companies from India, China and many other countries.

VMG Pharmaceuticals


Established in 2006, VMG Panama provides distribution services, and currently represents pharmaceutical companies from India and China Future plans include a foray into medical supplies segment.

VMG Medical


Established in 2008, the company offers distribution services across the country.

El Salvador
VMG Medical

El Salvador

Established in 2008, this company provides excellent distribution services across the country.

VMG Medical


Established in 2008 to complete VMG’s comprehensive distribution network in Central America.

VMG Denmark APS


Established in 2008, it marks the first venture in the regulated markets.

VMG Denmark is an ISO certified company and has recently received the CE certification.


United Arab Emirates

Established in 2008 at the Sharjah Free Zone. It offers a base for expansion of the Indian operations to the Middle East.

United Arab Emirates
VMG Medical Pty.


Established in 2009 at Sydney, VMG Medical Pty currently offers marketing and distribution of medical supplies from VMG Denmark and VMG China. Pharmaceutical products from VMG India are currently under registration.

Global Commercialization

VMG is still broadening its frontiers to new markets where there is an opportunity to offer its products and services to billions of inhabitants.

Asia Pacific

We have tied up alliances with well established distributors in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines to represent our interests. Products are currently under registration. Future plans include expansion into Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Middle East.


Currently we have products under registration in Ukraine and Russia. Future plans include presence in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

Latin America

Apart from having our own distribution network across Central America,VMG has products under registration in Guatemala, CostaRica, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panamá, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and the Caribbean.

World-Class Markets


Council of Ministers of Health of Central America

We form part of COMISCA (Council of Ministers of Health of Central America), entity responsible for driving the regional healthcare initiatives in the COMISCA constituting countries.

OECS logo

Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

We became part of the OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States), regional organism which promotes the technical cooperation and sustainable development of six independent countries and three territories from the United Kingdom in the Caribbean Sea.

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